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Glyms Industries Ltd is a research and development industry with several prototypes and patents filed at USPTO. Our products ranges from Green Energy/Power systems, eV, self charging power generators, Aviation power systems etc. This are all environmentally friendly machine and devices aimed at preserving the earth atmosphere from destruction due to depletion of the ozone layer caused by global warming. Our power system Uses mostly customized Super Capacitors, The self-Charging Electric car, doesnt need a charging station as do most electric cars, but charges itself while driving or parked, hence the eV system maintains charge for its DC storage and supply. The Generator power system is able to generates, recycle, store and supply power within the system itself, without the aids of any external source, hence making the system an All-In-One stand alone power system. See our videos and pictures for more information. Join us in making the earth a better place, by using our valuable products for your personal and business use.

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Glyms Industries Ltd, was founded in Sept 2004. Regnault Bamiji is the president/Founder of Glyms Industries Ltd, a former Military officer. Regnault is a respected and valued inventor of our time, an Astronomer, Roboticist, Pilot and Aviation Mechanic. Regnault holds 36 aviation certificates, from Pilot instrument proficiency to aviation maintenance. Among his works are Jet helicopter, Jet engine Test Stand and Jet engine, Gyroplane, Self-Charging Electric Car and Self-Charging power generator, Magnet Battery charger(Solution to limitations of Solar and Wind Energy), which he single-handedly built, and  filed several patents with USPTO. He was a member, Expert Group in Rocketry at the Nigerian Space Agency(NASRDA), a valued member Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, USA and also a member, Intellectual ventures Invention network, USA. Regnault was awarded 'Master Robotic Builder' by Award-Winning Robotics and science kits, California.

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