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Self Charging Electric Car
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On-Board Charging system for Electric Cars

Self-Charging Electric Car. This Self-Charging Electric Car was invented, designed and built by Regnault Bamiji. The electric car has exciting and unique features, One of the exciting feature is that it charges itself unlike  other electric cars that will need a charging station to charge its depleted batteries. Even though some Electric cars have on-board charging system, yet the charging system of this electric car is very exciting, unique and interesting technology. It uses a FREE ENERGY generated via a system of carefully and professionally designed permanent magnets fixed on a stator repelling each other so powerfully, spinning in the process causing the stator connected to motor to spin at 3000rpm to generate a charging current to charge and store DC voltage in a separate compartment until when needed by the car's lithium batteries. While parked it uses it's static charging system (which is the free energy) to keep the DC storage fully charged. When driving and there is a drop of voltage in the lithium batteries during operation, it will trigger a release of the charged DC voltage stored in the DC compartment to keep the lithium batteries voltages up.