Glyms Industries Ltd

Engr. Regnault Umaru Bamiji
Engr. Regnault Umaru Bamiji


Glyms Industries Ltd, was founded in Sept 2004. Regnault Umaru Bamiji (FIICEST, FRICAMT). He's the president/Founder of Glyms Industries Ltd. Regnault is a respected and valued inventor of our time(Member US inventors Association), an Astronomer(PG center for Astrophysics and Super Computing), Roboticist, Pilot and Aviation Mechanic. A former Military Officer. Regnault holds over 40 aviation certificates, from Pilot instrument proficiency to aviation maintenance. Among his works are Jet helicopter, Jet engine Test Stand and Jet engine, Gyroplane, Self-Charging Electric Car and Self-Charging power generator, Magnet Power Generator, Gravity/Magnet Power Generator, Magnet Battery charger(Solution to limitations of Solar and Wind Energy), etc., which he single-handedly built, and  filed several patents with USPTO. Regnault Bamiji built and flown his Jet Helicopter and Gyroplane successfully and was commended by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority for achieving this feat. He was a member, Expert Group in Rocketry at the Nigerian Space Agency(NASRDA), a valued member Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, US; MEMBER American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics; FELLOW Royal Institute of Chartered Administration and Management Technology (FRICAMT), FELLOW International Institute of Chartered Engineers, Scientists and Technologists (FIICEST). A valued member of  Xinova Innovation Network. Founding Partner Odyssey Energy LLC, Arizona USA. Founding Partner HorizonPlus Industries Ltd, Mitchellville, Maryland. USA. Regnault was awarded The Official Certificate as 'Master Builder' for building the Prestigious MoonWalker Robot controlled by light and sound effect by Award Winning Robotics and Science Kits. Carson. California.




The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) commends your efforts in putting together a Gyroplane that will go down as the first attempted wholly built airplane in Nigeria; and we will work with you within the requirements and regulations to achieve this laudable objective.

Engr A.I Ajuyah

GM(Airworthiness Engineering)

For: Director General/CEO

4 MARCH 2005


The Gombe State House of Assembly commend your efforts in inventing and developing an aircraft which is the first in the annals of Gombe state and the Country at large. We commend your efforts in achieving this delicate feats, we urge you to put in more efforts to achieve greater laurels in the future.



11-DEC- 2001

See  below Gallery of inventions and innovations by Regnault Bamiji. Click on picture to enlarge. 

MoonWalker Robot.

MoonWalker Robot. Activates by Sound and light, And walk in the direction.
MoonWalker Robot. Activates by Sound and light, And walk in the direction.

This Prestigious Robot is Activated by Sound or Light, when light shine on it, or any surrounding sound it follows the sound or light and activates. Even the sound of crickets activate it and it walk towards the sound or light. A very good demonstration of how robots can detect life via light and Sound on other planets. This was Assembled by Regnault Bamiji, and was awarded the Prestigious OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE as Master Builder by the Award Winning Robotics and Science Kits. Carson, CALIFORNIA.