Glyms Industries Ltd


Glyms Industries Ltd was established in 2015, it is a research and development firm, established to support innovation and new technologies solving critial technological problems for improved usage around the world.

We specialize in facilitating the development and use of new technologies, innovative tools and approaches that have the potential to contribute positively, impacting the world in science, engineering and technologies.

Our goal is to provide solutions to the limitations of existing technologies, researching further to make thier usage possible and boost its applications in the global market, which at the end will boost economy, Improve healthcare and conserve energy.

Dr. Regnault Umaru Bamiji Ph.D

Dr. Regnault Umaru Bamiji Ph.D


Dr. Regnault Umaru Bamiji, Ph.D., Dfiicest, serves as the Chairman and Chief Engineer of Glyms Industries Ltd. He is a distinguished inventor, innovator, scientist, and technologist. Dr. Bamiji is an astronomer from the University of Arizona and a professional in rocket science for everyday life from the University of Michigan. A former military officer, he holds over 40 aviation certificates, ranging from pilot instrument proficiency to aviation maintenance. He is an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot and helicopter pilot.

Dr. Bamiji has developed several notable inventions, including a jet helicopter, jet engine test stand, jet engine, gyroplane, self-charging electric car, self-charging power generator, magnet power generator, gravity/magnet power generator, and a magnet battery charger designed to address the limitations of solar and wind energy. He built these innovations independently and has filed numerous patents with the USPTO. His successful construction of a jet helicopter and gyroplane earned commendation from the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

Dr. Bamiji was a member of the Expert Group in Rocketry at the Nigerian Space Agency (NASRDA) and is a valued member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association US, the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Administration and Management Technology (FRICAMT). He is also a Doctoral Fellow at the International Institute of Chartered Engineers, Scientists, and Technologists (DFIICEST). Additionally, he is a founding partner of both Odyssey Energy LLC in Arizona, USA, and HorizonPlus Industries Ltd, USA.

Dr. Bamiji received the official certificate as a 'Master Builder' for constructing the prestigious MoonWalker robot, which is controlled by light and sound effects, from Award Winning Robotics and Science Kits in Carson, California.          



The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) commends your efforts in putting together a Gyroplane that will go down as the first attempted wholly built airplane in Nigeria; and we will work with you within the requirements and regulations to achieve this laudable objective.

Engr A.I Ajuyah

GM(Airworthiness Engineering)

For: Director General/CEO

4 MARCH 2005


The Gombe State House of Assembly commend your efforts in inventing and developing an aircraft which is the first in the annals of Gombe state and the Country at large. We commend your efforts in achieving this delicate feats, we urge you to put in more efforts to achieve greater laurels in the future.



11-DEC- 2001

See  below Gallery of inventions and innovations by Regnault Bamiji. Click on picture to enlarge. 

MoonWalker Robot.

MoonWalker Robot. Activates by Sound and light, And walk in the direction.

MoonWalker Robot. Activates by Sound and light, And walk in the direction.

This Prestigious Robot is Activated by Sound or Light, when light shine on it, or any surrounding sound activates it. Even the sound of crickets activate it. This was Assembled by Regnault Bamiji, and was awarded the Prestigious OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE as Master Builder by the Award Winning Robotics and Science Kits. Carson, CALIFORNIA.

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