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Magnet Power Generator Plan

Build this amazing magnet power generator to generate electricity for your home/businesses. Follow the clear step by step instruction on the construction plan and within few weeks you have your generator running. You don’t need to be technically inclined, the clear instruction on the construction plan is so plain for everyone to understand. All materials for constructing the free energy generator is clearly explained and readily available. In the construction plan you will easily learn how to arrange the permanent magnets on the Teflon Disc, the necessary gabs needed in-between each magnet, if you arrange the magnets with equidistant between them it will never work. Learn and understand also how to create DEAD POINT which is a mystery to many, the Dead point allows the magnets spinning on the Teflon Disc to naturally cancel each others repulsion at certain point, this is to ensure that the magnets at Dead Point crosses each other freely without interruption/attracting each other. Depending 0n the amount of power you want to generate, the Teflon Disc can either be 2-6 in number and spinning at 3000 rpm.  Enthusiast can pay for construction plan here and download the plan:

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