Self Relaint Power Generator(Stand-A-Alone)

The Self-Reliant fuel less Power Generator is the answer to global challenges for power

generation, transmission, distribution and supplies: Solving the limitations of hydro-Power,

Solar Energy, Wind energy, Fuel cells generators etc, it is an ultra-unique power generation

device. The system consists of two major systems: The POWER GENERATING Unit and

POWER SUPPLY Unit, eliminating the need for transmission from a power generating site to the power supply site such as the usual hydro-power generation. The system is design based on the technology that it can be install community by community without the costly needs for

transmission from one location to another. Depends on the community, higher kilo-watts and

Mega Watts can be installed.

For those using Inverter system to provide electricity to your home, offices and businesses, this is your perfect match.


The Power generation device unit consists of a system of professionally and scientifically design custom-made permanent magnets, this permanent magnets are arranged on an aluminum disc and because of the way it is arranged, they powerfully repel each other very strongly, in the process spins at a very high speed, causing the shaft connected to it to spin at 3000 rpm. The Shafts are connected to a DC motor, in the process generates a 12.6 Vdc. The 12.6 Vdc generated remained constant throughout its operation, and when the 12.6Vdc is connected to our special device called CHIZO in the system, it further generates from the 12.6VDC to 36vdc-96vdc. The Power Generation device continues to generate the 12.6vdc and multiplying via CHIZO to 36vdc-96vdc 24/7 without the voltage dropping, rather voltage will be rising and stored. Heat generated is minimal temp at 15 degree Centigrade. This is the Power Generation Unit, and can be scaled up to Higher Kilo Watts and Mega Watts.


The power supply unit consist of a system of super Capacitors, and several other components, that accept between the 36Vdc to 96Vdc generated by the Power generation unit above, going through several operations and processes to invert the DC voltages to AC voltage for personal, home and business use. When the two devices (The Power Generation unit and the Power Supply unit) are joined together it gives us a complete system called the Self-Reliant Fuel-less Power generator.

Advantages of the Self-reliant fuel-less Power Generator

1. The problems of transmission and distribution faced by many power generating stations are

eliminated, as a single unit-Self-Reliant fuel-less power can be scale up to higher Kilo-Watts,

Mega-watts and can be installed in a community to supply uninterrupted power supply, to

that community, so it is a community by community Power supply device.

2. No need of gas or fuel to operate the system-Preserving the earth from destruction due to

depletion of ozone layers cause by carbon presence in other types of power generating system.

3. Completely, a green energy power system.

4. No noise, nor exhaust fumes, environmentally friendly power system

5. A complete and sustainable power supply to rural areas or disaster areas that need electricity.

6. Does not need any external power source to operate, its self-Reliant and fully Stand-a-lone

power system.

7. Save you power supply cost, and you easily control power consumption.

8. It is neither Wind or Solar energy that batteries needs to charge first before power supply

9. Smaller of this generators can be kept indoors, while working. No noise pollution.

10. The Self-Reliant Fuel-less Power Generator is not affected by weather, it operates easily in

any kind of weather, unlike Solar Panels that will need the solar energy to fully operate, or the Wind turbine that need the constant wind energy to first charge its batteries.

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