Self Charging Power System
Self Charging Power System

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The SISSWE1000W (Super Intelligent Solution to Limitations of Solar and Wind Energy) is a device that proffer solution to the limitations of Solar and Wind Energies in Charging their batteries. The system work as 1. Stand-A-lone or 2. Free Energy(incorporated into inverter system). 
1. Stand-A-lone: Since the system is self charging, and generate excess energy use in charging batteries, it can be used as a Self Charging Battery Charger without the need of grid power, Solar or Wind Energy to charge batteries. The system generate power to charge itself, and stores excess power that can be used to charge batteries for your inverters. This eliminates the cumbersome waiting for Solar or Wind energy to charge your batteries, which are controlled by weather and geographical locations globally, or even the grid power which is not always readily available. 
The interesting part of this technology is that it can be used mostly in rural areas where electricity is non existant. More especially in disaster areas to provide electricity by charging batteries to be used for inverters.
2. Free Energy ( incorporated into inverter system): The system can also be incorporated into inverter system, unlike just using it as Self Charging Battery Charger as explained above. In this case the system is permanently connected to the inverter batteries via battery isolators to provide trickle charging for inverter batteries. The system intelligently observe any drop of voltage during usage, and instantaneously fill up the depleted voltage in the batteries.This ensures that the batteries are always charged up to provide constant and uninterrupted power.
So it is left for the user to decide either to use it as battery charger or incorporate in inverter system to trickle charge the batteries during usage.
Areas of applications:
1. Power generation and supply (when scaled up)
2. As a Stand-A-Lone Self Charging Battery Charger( when scaled up)
3, On-Board Self Charging for Electric Automobile( when scaled up)
4. Electric airplane( when scaled up)
5. Electric train (when scaled up)
And Several other electric applications.