Self Powered Generator


 The Self Power Generator video blow was invented by Regnault Bamiji of Glyms Industries Ltd has two compartments, the generating Unit and the supply unit. The Generating Unit generates and store excess energy, while the supply unit supply power for domestic use. when the supply unit that supply power for domestic use drops in voltage to certain level due to usage, the intelligent system in the supply unit trigger a release of power from the excess energy stored from the Storage compartment and it instantaneously charge up the depleted supply voltage, hence power is always available to supply energy for domestic use. Technical details are not exposed here  


The Magnet Motor Generator video you just watched above, doesn't need batteries as starter to start spinning(watch sideview video above), the careful arrangement of the customized magnets on stainless steel or aluminum DISC creates a very powerful repelling force, which cause the DISC to spin at a very high rpm(approx. 3000 rpm). The system has 18 small magnets fixed on the stainless steel disc, 2 small magnets fixed on the Plexiglas as magnet switch (starter), and 2 large magnets for centrifugal force to maintain spinning momentum and sail through DEAD POINT . This system can be scaled up creating a very high torque, which can be coupled to:

1. An alternator/Generator to generate electricity, depending on the power demand.

2. Can coupled to the shaft of a drive/gear of electric vehicle to drive the vehicle without the needs of batteries. 

The advantages of the Magnet Motor Generator are;

1. The Aluminum Disc or Stainless Steel Disc with the magnets spins based on magnetic repulsion and centrifugal force

2. No need of fuel of any kind, the inherent magnetic field in the magnets are its own fuel and never finishing for several years, until the magnets weaken.

3. Its a green Energy, no emission of any kind.

4. There is no sound pollution of any kind, and no exhaust fumes, because no fuel of any kind.

5. The Magnet motor can be connected to any alternator depending on the size of power you want to generate, and it will generate clean energy for personal or business use

6. It can be kept indoors and it operate fully well without any emission to affect your health.

7. Its self sufficient without the need of any external source to operate. And it is not affected by weather condition as do Solar or Wind. It operates in all kinds of weather condition.  

8. The magnet motor Generator can be connected to the Gear system of eV to power it, when it is scaled to appropriate power rating.


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